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Having successfully completed over 30,000 projects, we can confidently say that our SEO solutions work. Our clients grow their business online with confidence. Below are some of the many vital tasks that are at the core of our SEO Strategy.

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I want to share a process we’ve developed at My Marketing Crew to earn links and visibility, and to increase web traffic for our clients. I’m going to walk through how we built a site’s SEO strategy from the ground up — growing from zero visitors to 100,000 — and share key takeaways that you can apply to your own strategy.

To recap, here’s our process for growing traffic:

  1. Start slow and take advantage of “easy wins.”
  2. Focus on securing a handful of strategic links to important pages.
  3. Establish passive link acquisition channels to build momentum.
  4. Be intentional about content creation and its impact on search.
  5. Level up over time, and target higher-value opportunities.

This is a repeatable, scalable process that we’ve found to be effective. Of course, you will need to tweak and adjust this process a bit to fit your unique situation and needs. However, I hope you can take the key lessons we learned from this project and apply them to your own strategy.


94% Success Rate

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We will test your website's SEO for...

Page Loading Speed
Metadata (Title & Description)
Website Security
Usability & Crawlability
Page Errors
Website Content
Backlinks & Offsite
Mobile Responsiveness


From the exact same service we are offering you today for no cost, we have helped businesses radically transform their digital presence and outlook of their businesses. Here’s the cliff notes of some previous evaluations:

  • Found long-tail keywords that increased organic traffic by 370%
  • Lowered cost per acquisition by 65%
  • Helped 11 organizations set record profit months (during pandemic)
  • Found a new niche for a business that now accounts for over 80% of monthly revenue
  • Identified black hat SEO tactics from competitors slandering brand
  • Adjusted ad targeting to find ideal customer avatar – 100s more leads.
  • Created new social channels on platforms more ideal for customer base
  • Revealed new ad strategy that brought in over $200k in 3 months.
  • Uncovered massive internal CRM error costing $1000’s per month
  • Most successful product launch, sold out of stock in 7 hours.
  • Increased visibility for focus keywords from 4% to 18%
  • Increased the lead generation campaign by 230%
  • Just to name a few…

… what will we find for you? 


Sample of our execution plan

Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 3.22.33 PM



Our proposition to you is this, let us take a magnifying glass to your business. We guarantee that we will uncover information that will prove vital to your success in the next year.

We will find out exactly where your competitors are investing their efforts and ultimately uncover the most profitable opportunities that exist for your organization.

We typically charge $1,097 for this thorough evaluation and assessment, but in the spirit of forming client partnerships we are waiving the cost with no obligations.




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I couldn't recommend Arpi any higher, she knows what she is doing, she is full of ideas, there's just so much to learn from her and I feel really fortunate.

Jisann from cosmicish.com

50% Growth in Leads for a Learning Center Franchise Brand

The Results

In response to our focused SEO strategies, positive figures started showing up.

  • Each dedicated page began to rank high for hundreds of
    • “brand+location” keywords
    • service/product + location” keywords
    • “service/product + {near me}” keywords
  • With branded search finding its dedicated result page, the conversion rate is extremely high as the user already has the correct intent.
  • More than 50% of leads came from organic search results with conversions coming from direct typed-in traffic that already knows the brand. Additionally, there was a huge spike of lead completions as most of the dedicated location pages were finding the right traffic with super-high intent.
  • Overall performance of the site increased drastically.

By the end of October 2019, our client’s site and its content started ranking on top Google pages. Additionally, all branded+location keywords were now funnelled into each dedicated page.

And the end result? Traffic sky-rocketed leading to high enrollment and lead conversions for franchisees.

To recap, here’s our process for growing traffic:

  1. Start slow and take advantage of “easy wins.”
  2. Focus on securing a handful of strategic links to important pages.
  3. Establish passive link acquisition channels to build momentum.
  4. Be intentional about content creation and its impact on search.
  5. Level up over time, and target higher-value opportunities.

This is a repeatable, scalable process that we’ve found to be effective. Of course, you will need to tweak and adjust this process a bit to fit your unique situation and needs. However, I hope you can take the key lessons we learned from this project and apply them to your own strategy.


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How are we different?


We have a proactive mindset when it comes to our client accounts. Instead of waiting for trouble to strike your business, we take a proactive approach and insist on monitoring all your web pages and marketing campaigns. We catch and resolve issues before trouble strikes.

We are fun to work with! Guess what?! Anyone can do marketing, but the experience of working with the person helping you and your business is important (recall the last time you went to massage spa vs. sitting on the massage chair in the mall). Our founder and team genuinely care about each and every client. This drives us to provide brilliant support for our clients.

We don’t work with every business that wants marketing services. We choose only clients that share our values and principles. Serving a business with their marketing needs is a HUGE responsibility that we take very seriously. We sit on the same side of the table as you to provide the best marketing solutions to your business problems and we are in this together.

We talk to you more often than any other bigger agency. One of the biggest problems that business owners have with most agencies is communication. That’s not the case with us!

We are a small committed business that understands the value of accountability and communication. We call each client every two weeks to update them on the work and provide them with the results of their campaign.

We understand how you work and we have the ability to collaborate effectively with our clients and their staff. Our business is built upon our culture of long-term relationship development.

We love working with our clients in delivering value on a consistent and ongoing basis which results in having the joy of experiencing a trusted partnership with each client.

The bottom line, our communication is honest, clear and transparent.

It is super important to us that all our clients clearly understand what they are paying for. The transparent way we structure and deliver our marketing services gives our customers a great deal of confidence and trust in us as their partners.

Our prices are fair and competitive and there are no surprise bills, unexpected expenses or additional charges coming your way. If there are any, they must be pre-approved by you cause that’s how we like to be treated and that’s how we treat our clients as well.

One of our biggest goals is to save our customers money. You have invested your time, resources and trust in our Web marketing and SEO services and we will strive to give you the best return possible on your investment. On average our customers are seeing a cost saving of more than 50% when they started working with us. We’re the best value in the industry.

We understand that you want to make the best use of your hard-earned money and it’s our job to do everything possible to make it happen!

My Marketing Crew is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency. What started as a small SEO and website design company has now transformed into a one-stop-shop for everything that a client needs when it comes to marketing and growing their business.

No matter what your marketing challenge is, be it search marketing, social media engagement, PPC, content marketing, inbound lead generation or sales, we have the skills and expertise to help you find the solution.

We have the expertise to help you manage all your marketing campaigns. This makes us a great fit for businesses who don’t have the resources to hire their own marketing staff, or who want to add a little extra muscle to their team.

You now have a single, trusted source for everything from building a campaign, strategizing your content marketing or doing an in-depth technical SEO audit for your website and more!

We keep long-term relationships with many clients, updating and expanding their websites as needed from seedling to maturity growth phases.

Here is our guarantee, firstly, when you work with us, we will have a collaborative strategic partnership that is focused on achieving defined goals.

Secondly, we will have constant testing and measuring of implemented initiatives that enable agility so resources are allocated to the right places.

You hired us to be the marketing and lead generation expert right? We constantly bring you ideas and recommendations for optimal marketing ROI, not the other way around.

Transparency is our #1 goal. You never have to wonder what your marketing Henry is up to, what they’re working on or how they’re spending their time or even worst if they are spending time on your account.

Our marketing activities are tied to measurable and defined goals so there’s nothing unknown about your plan. Tools like Google Sheets, Basecamp and Google Docs are designed to keep you on the same even playing field as your agency. You are the client, and you deserve to be “in the know”.


See Our SEO Process!

Below is a typical task timeline of an SEO project.

1. Website Audit
Here, an extensive analysis is performed that puts your site through multiple tests, identifying shortcomings and outlining results along with recommendations.
2. Keyword Research Document
We identify important keyword terms relevant to your industry, service, region, target audience and competitors to optimize your website for traffic and rankings.
3. Content Plan
Our team of content marketing experts suggest engaging, keyword-rich topics, keeping in mind your marketing objectives, brand voice and target market.
4. Content Creation
Once you approve these suggested topics, our writers create keyword-optimized content using credible links and resources after thorough product and industry research.
5. Promotional Content
Depending on the SEO package you signed up for, you receive articles, blogs, press releases, social media posts, infographics and videos!
7. Outreach Link Building
The goal of SEO outreach is link building — that is, creating backlinks to the company website that enhance its organic visibility on Google and other search engines. As the outreach campaign progresses, the company's improved visibility attracts more qualified traffic, increasing lead and online revenue production.

Hear what our clients have to say

My site traffic has already increase by 125%... It's astonishing!

- Madison Nicole from madisonnicole.co

SEO Content Writing Strategy that Won
2000% Boost of Search Traffic

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 2.55.30 PM

Before SEO Optimization:
Our client is a well known local beverage and drinks manufacturer. Plans of global expansion targeting global importers, wholesalers and distributors were considered early in 2019.

After SEO Optimizations:
We took over the client’s blog and SEO implementation works in mid-June 2019.

Following were the key actions taken by us for this particular case:

1. Site Migration

2. International targeting

3. Devised a customized content strategy for the client

4. Creating valuable backlinks

Overall site improvement based on our strategies

By November 2019, only after 5 months of onboarding the client, the organic search traffic and site page views grew significantly..


Note from our founder

Hey, how’s it going I I want to tell you a little bit about what we do here. We specialize in SEO, websites, social media, and content and email marketing.

If you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur we can help you manage your online marketing and get you consistent sales and leads so you can spend your time focusing on the bigger and better things for your business.

I’ve been doing this for the last 8 years and had the privilege to work with some of the biggest brands in most industries. Now I’ve set out to help small and medium-sized businesses grow organically with the best strategies and tactics out there.

If you want to schedule a discovery call to know about how we can help or work together, I’m more than happy to chat with you, whether you are a business owner or someone who needs help handle marketing for your business unit. I’ve got your back,Alright!

Stay safe!

– Arpi Sylvester
Founder and CEO, My Marketing Crew


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